Construction Overview


Our workforce comprise of team members with many years’ experience in all aspects of civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation activities.

Primero Group provide a complete suite of construction services offering a seamless, fully integrated and low risk solution for projects while prioritising high safety standards, quality and scheduling.

Our services cover all sectors from resource plants and infrastructure including heavy civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation. We provide the necessary processes required from the earliest cost estimates, procurement, construction scheduling and planning, OHSEQ planning and implementation, HR mobilisation management, induction and training as required, all aspects of the construction activities.

With full access to construction plant, tools and equipment, including craneage, excavators, bobcats, multi-purpose trucks and vehicles, containerised workshops, offices and small truck/utilities, Primero Group is able to provide a one stop construction service.


Civil and Concrete

Primero Group specialise in complex and high tolerance concrete structures. We are fully qualified in all aspects of the day to day operation of the client’s construction site.

We have successfully delivered projects involving foundation and structural concrete for gas compressor stations, grinding mills and crusher foundations.

Less sophisticated applications such as building foundations, ground and suspended slabs and tilt up panel structures are also within our scope.


  • Onsite bulk earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Inground services installation
  • Detailed excavation
  • Formwork manufacture and installation
  • Manufacture of precast concrete elements
  • Reinforcing steel installation
  • Concrete placement and finishing


Electrical, Instrumentation, Control

Primero Group have the people, plant equipment and systems to undertake large electrical, instrumentation and control installations.

The experience within our team of engineers and technicians ranges from end-to-end interaction on mineral processing plants, design and construction of on-shore gas processing facilities to installation and commissioning of cutting edge waste heat recovery technology.

Our team capabilities extend through the whole lifecycle from conceptual design to commissioning and handover, and across a variety of sub-disciplines from high voltage to instrumentation and process control systems.


  • Electrical, instrumentation and control installations
  • HV and LV electrical reticulation
  • Hazardous area installation and testing
  • Power distribution
  • Industrial lighting and power
  • Installation and commissioning of process control systems
  • Fuel management systems
  • Project management and supervision


Structural, Mechanical, Piping

Utilising our core group of construction personnel, Primero Group have a significantly experienced background in all structural & mechanical, including piping disciplines with regard to fabrication & installation.

Our experience in offshore fabrication of structural steel, and importation gives our group a competitive advantage when sourcing large structural steel packages, as well as ensuring that the most efficient construction solutions are used on site.

With our mechanical expertise the installation of major equipment such as gas compressors, grinding mills, crushers and all types of heavy industrial machinery allow us to service a broad range of client requirements, while ensuring the highest standards of installation criteria are met.

Our piping capabilities include fabrication & installation of piping to all standards using ASME & AS Standards and quality procedures ensure that 100% traceability and set procedures are utilised and followed to conformity with all installations.


  • Structural and platework fabrication and erection
  • Piping fabrication and site installation
  • Rotating equipment alignment and installation
  • Installation verifications
  • Modularised structures
  • Offsite fitting and testing