Wartsila / AGL – Barker Inlet Power Station

energy project

Primero has been selected by Wartsila to undertake the construction of the Barker Inlet Power Station which will supply 211MW’s of smart power to South Australia. The technology group Wartsila were chosen to supply the fast, flexible and highly efficient capacity needed by Australian integrated energy company, AGL Energy Limited. The EPC project, for which Primero is responsible for construction, represents the first utility-scale reciprocating engine power plant in Australia’s National Electricity Market.


“The new power plant will improve the reliability and security of supply in South Australia. Wärtsilä’s reciprocating engines operate with a lower heat rate than other forms of fast-start plants currently available,” said Doug Jackson, Executive General Manager, Group Operations, AGL.


Primero executed the multi-disciplinary construction contract in April 2018 with practical completion of the facility scheduled for September 2019

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